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Using Backup Buddy to Backup and Migrate a Site

As a WordPress developer having a backup of your WordPress website is an important part of any contingency plan for when sites get hacked, the server goes down or you need to move hosts. Backup Buddy is an excellent premium plugin that enables you to backup, migrate and restore a site. In this post are my Brisbane WordPress Meet Up slides about using Backup Buddy along with a video tutorial. I go over  important plugin settings, how to backup and migrate a site using the migration script.

Backup Buddy Slides


How to use Backup Buddy – Video Tutorial


Or watch the video on Vimeo

5 thoughts on “Using Backup Buddy to Backup and Migrate a Site

  1. Hi, I’m so glad I came across your site and this video. I’m new to backup buddy and new to design. I’m currently working on my first for a friend and I’m wanting to transfer my design. I’ve read that when designing for a site that already has content and all sort of plugins, to duplicate that site, import it to test site and redesign from there. Then duplicated the new design and move it back to the old site. Is this what you would recommend or do you have a better way? Thanks for the helpful video!

  2. Hi Sofia,
    Thanks for this great BackupBuddy demo. I have used BackupBuddy before but am now relying on ManageWP as the backing up and cloning features are so easy to use.
    I was wondering if you have had any experience with ManageWp and have any thoughts regarding the pros and cons as compared to BackupBuddy.
    Thanks again,

  3. Sofia Woods says:

    Glad you found it useful Tim, I haven’t used Manage WP, so can’t compare it to BackupBuddy, but we’ve been looking into using it to manage our projects.

  4. Hi Sofia

    Very new to wordpress and have just finished building my first site.
    About to migrate to the clients server. My question is do you change the site
    URL from localhost:8888 before uploading to the remote server or do you do this
    once it is uploaded.


    • Hi Crissie – welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress. With Backup Buddy there’s no need to change the site URL, it will do it all for you and update the database settings with the new URL of your location. I hope this makes sense.

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