Top 10 WordPress Websites

Top WordPress Web Designs

WordPress has truly grown to be a powerful software program suited to practically any website application – from brochure style websites to portfolio sites, ecommerce websites, news sites and professional business websites. WordPress is not just for small business and bloggers anymore – here are the industry heavy weights that use WordPress as the force behind their websites:

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Why Should My WordPress Website Be Updated?

You know the story, you’ve spent time and money to get your website launched, it’s been a long road and now that it’s up you just want to focus on adding your content to get your business off the ground. However after a while when you login you noticed that pesky little ‘update’ notification. You decide to ignore it and hopes it will go away.

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How to Optimise Images for Your Website or Blog

As WordPress web designers, one of the biggest challenges we see when handing over a new website to our clients is getting them to understand how to optimise their images for their website or blog. Below is a step by step video tutorial that demonstrates how to optimise your images so you can work them into your new content without compromising page load time or server space.

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How to Make Your Own E-Book

E-books are a great way to engage people with your business and draw traffic to your website. You can use them to entice people to sign up to your newsletter or blog, or if you’re selling the e-book, generate a passive income. The amount of people downloading e-books to their mobile and smart devices is quickly on the rise so it’s a great time to start thinking about how you can use e-books to capture the attention of your target audience.

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Using Backup Buddy to Backup and Migrate a Site

As a WordPress developer having a backup of your WordPress website is an important part of any contingency plan for when sites get hacked, the server goes down or you need to move hosts. Backup Buddy is an excellent premium plugin that enables you to backup, migrate and restore a site. In this post are my Brisbane WordPress Meet Up slides about using Backup Buddy along with a video tutorial. I go over  important plugin settings, how to backup and migrate a site using the migration script.

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Tips for Effective Small Business Web Design

For a small business, embarking on the journey of getting a website can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. What kind of site do you need? What kind of content do you put on the site? How do you make sure your site stands out from the crowd?

Here are a few small business web design tips to help you plan your website so that it’s effective, meets the needs of your business and delivers content to your visitors in an engaging way so you can thrive online.

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