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Tips for Writing Effective Web Copy


We use the web to find and share information. The way in which users interact with information online combined with the rise of new Google algorithms (which prioritise relevant content) means how we write and stucture information online is becoming more crucial then ever. Here I’ll outline some helpful tips for planning copy for your next website or online project.

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4 Things to Consider When Using Social Media



There is no doubt the use of social media in business, marketing, networking and fundraising has arrived at a crucial point. For small businesses or organisations it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with the Jones’s – what with having to keep an updated blog, tweet out interesting trends, engage people on Facebook, Linked In, Google Plus, Pinterest and the list goes on…and on. However if you’re about to delve into a social media campaign or marketing strategy – here are some things to consider to really help you make it work.
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Why PDF Documents Shouldn’t Be Used For Web Content

Getting information up on the web can sometimes be a rushed and last minute job. We’ve all done it. You’re under pressure and have lots of competing demands. Then you get an email that says they need something online by the end of the day. Attached is a long word document full of content, so you PDF it to get it online and meet the deadline. No drama, all is good and the client’s happy. Where’s the bad? Some of this may not be news to many of you, but for those (like me) who didn’t get the memo, substituting html content by using a PDF document leaves many web users out in the cold, often unable to access the information contained in the document.

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Wireframing with Mocking Bird

Mockingbird WireramesFor those of you new to prototyping or wireframing – check out Mockingbird. A great way to whip up quick and easy wireframes for your next design project! A simple interface, heaps of functions and you can save and export your wireframes. Very helpful for planning and collaborating. Check them out – they have great pricing structures and there’s even a free option so you can try before you buy.

Adobe Muse – Revolution or Regression?

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Just the other week I woke up to my twitter going crazy with #adobemuse. Adobe had released a new WSIWYG web design software (in beta) capable of creating websites without the need for code. This was clearly  dividing camps within the web design industry. Since Muse is in beta – I thought I’d put in my two cents worth as well as asking some of the Brisbane web community what their thoughts were.

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