Best Web Design Trends of 2017 (So Far!)

Here are the most popular web design trends we’ve seen continue to grow in 2017! Brutalism Modern design principles are becoming more ubiquitous, compelling designers to break from the norm. Enter the Brutalism trend. Brutalist designs are deliberately jarring or ‘ugly’. They acknowledge established design patterns, then proceed to totally ignore them. Asymmetric layouts are bursting from the grid….

Explained: Domain name and web hosting

What is hosting? Put simply, hosting is where your website lives. All websites are ‘hosted’ on servers (computers) somewhere around the world. What is a domain? A domain name is like a signpost that points people to where your website lives. It’s what you type into a browser to go to a site (E.g. Without a…

How to supply content to your web designer

  CONTENT: The words and images on your website.  Most web agencies follow the same process when it comes to content. The client (you) supplies the content, then the agency (us) build the website. It makes a lot of sense to do it this way. We design around what you supply. This means there will inevitably come…

How to add a new blog post in WordPress

A quick beginners guide on how to create a new blog post in WordPress! Step 1: Log in to WordPress Go to and log in with your username and password. You’ll then be taken to the WordPress dashboard. If you were already logged in, you’ll go straight to the WordPress dashboard without having to log in again.  …

content marketing seo social

Content Marketing 101

The reality is, whether you’re in a competitive or niche industry, marketers are creating double the content they were two years ago – and this is largely thanks to the accessibility of content, and thirst for it, via social media. Audiences are bigger, and the competition is high! Therefore, many companies have geared their efforts and…

Create Engage Content Copy Visual

Creating Engaging Content

So, why is creating engaging content SO important? Your content is essentially the draw card that reels your audience into your site, service or store. It’s the beginning of the relationship – the first impression. By grabbing your audiences attention from the get-go, you’ve instigated a two-way relationship with them. You’re providing them with something they’re enjoying, and therefore creating…

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