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Our Web Design Team

We are Brisbane based bunch of designers, developers and web content experts.

The web can be a beautiful place to explore and we want to keep adding to that by creating beautiful sites. Our vision is to one day see the world rid of horribly designed and made websites (well they wiped small pox from the Earth, so we can always hope).

We are an offshoot of a larger Brisbane based web company (Pixel Palace ™) who build high-end custom websites and develop apps.

We started Shortie for two different reasons:

  • Not everyone can afford the luxury of a custom-build, custom-designed, award-winning, uber-complex, interactive, gamified experience. Some people simply need a good looking website that they aren’t ashamed to send people and get the job done.
  • We were sick of the smoke and mirror, hocus pocus games that we saw going on in the industry. The amount of people we spoke to who had already spent too much money building some frankenstein of a website, was astounding. People being told all sorts of lies about what they need and what they should do. We were sick of hearing horror stories of simple websites taking 6 months to build, or being abandoned by their developers when they raised questions about pages not properly working.

So we decided to do something about it.

We’ve got the skills to develop anything from a single page website to a ultra high end custom site and everything in between.

But our real purpose is to help educate businesses about the importance of their online presence and get them something amazing suited to their budget.

Ready to start?

We are always interested in hearing about your next project and no matter how obvious a question may seem, we love answering it.

Remember, we’re here to make it easy, quick and affordable for you to get your business online.

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