Pinterest – The New Social Kid on the Block

February 15, 2012

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You may have heard all the hubbub about the new social media site called Pinterest – but if you haven’t, here’s some information to get your head around the new kid on the block who’s been stirring the social media pot on the interwebs. Pinterest, a visual social networking site,  lets you ‘pin’ images from the web to various boards, ‘re-pin’ other images from other users boards or follow other users so you can keep up to date with their boards and pinning! As they say – a picture speaks a thousand words so why not use images to say what it is you do or love. Just before you roll your eyes and think that we need another social networking site like we need a hole in the head – think about the possibilities. If you are an artist, photographer, designer, sell products or run events, you can literally pin images of your work, products, events or activities to your boards, post it out and link it back to your website, online gallery or shop. A great way to gain visibility online – and lots of people are using Pinterest – so don’t worry – you will be heard….or seen…in this case. You need someone to ‘invite’ you to join so head on over and check it out ! It’s also a great way to collect snippets of information, images and inspiration that you find on the web and keep it all in once place – while sharing it out with others – oh and there’s an iPhone app too of course!

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