Empathy For Your User

User Empathy in Web Design

Definition: Empathic design is a user-centred design approach that pays attention to the user’s feelings toward a product. The empathic design process is sometimes mistakenly referred to as empathetic design. – Wikipedia

The Basics

So why is it important? ED is about understanding your users, as well as the problems they may face – not just their goals. To truly understand this, some good old-fashioned research must come into play.

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web design trends 2016

Web Design Trends in 2016

In our last blog, we raised our champagne flutes to the best web design trends of the year – and wasn’t it a great one! So for our first blog of the New Year, what better to focus on than web design trends in 2016?

In no particular order, these are the trends we think will be taking the web design world by storm over the next 12 months (at least) – and we can’t wait to implement some of them into our own exciting new projects!

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Tips for Effective Small Business Web Design

For a small business, embarking on the journey of getting a website can be a daunting and overwhelming experience. What kind of site do you need? What kind of content do you put on the site? How do you make sure your site stands out from the crowd?

Here are a few small business web design tips to help you plan your website so that it’s effective, meets the needs of your business and delivers content to your visitors in an engaging way so you can thrive online.

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